Internet Marketing Consultants

From social media to blogging to SEO, the average online marketing consultant certainly

has a lot of responsibilities. Luckily, these insanely helpful Chrome extensions can make

life easier, saving you time and stress. From helping you track broken links to ensuring

you avoid any embarrassing grammatical mistakes, these 15 extensions are a surefire way

to take your marketing services to the next level.


1. RiteTag Social Media Optimizer: Choosing the right hashtag is key to adding

value to your social media posts, and it can make or break a post’s visibility. But

even the most seasoned internet marketing consultants at the most prominent

digital marketing agencies can have trouble figuring out which hashtag they

should be using for a particular story or event — especially considering that

monitoring and then comparing hashtags can be a pretty time-consuming

endeavor. Luckily, the RiteTag Extension delivers comprehensive analytics on the

hashtags literally as you are typing them into your social media message. What

could be more efficient?


2. Klout: Klout is a great way to take your Twitter strategy to the next level, helping

you identify and reach out to key influencers. It provides a score of every Twitter

account you engage with to give insight on how authoritative and popular a

particular user is, helping you structure your strategy accordingly.


3. Search in a Giphy: As any online marketing consultant will tell you, a well-

placed GIF is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and drive up

engagement rates. However, finding the perfect GIF for a particular situation can

be time intensive. That is, unless you’ve downloaded the Search in a Giphy

extension. This extension makes it incredibly convenient to search for GIFs

within a number of accounts, including your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Slack



4. StayFocused: This a great tool for any online marketing consultant suffering

from a bout of procrastination and is an excellent way to boost overall

productivity. StayFocused ensures that technology is a valuable means of

discipline as much as a source of distraction, limiting the amount of time you can

spend on certain websites (i.e., the ones you use to procrastinate). Once you’ve

used up your allocated time on these websites, StayFocused will block the IP

address keep you on track and productive.


5. Figure It Out: Every digital marketing agency is likely to have a handful of

clients in different time zones, and figuring out what time it is where can be a

major headache, to say the least. Luckily, the Figure It Out extension lets you add

up to 10 time zones to your “new tab” screen. This makes it easy to schedule

posts in different time zones or set up meetings with clients on the other side of

the globe, saving you time and hassle.


6. Buffer: The big pain in social media marketing is scheduling posts. Luckily,

Buffer is an efficient way of scheduling posts, allow you save valuable content

and schedule a time to share it across your social media networks. This is

especially useful for all of those times you ran into a great piece of content but for

whatever reason couldn’t share it immediately.


7. Evernote Web Clipper: Evernote web clipper allows you to clip any article or

webpage and save it in one place, making it easy to collect great content for your

content creation strategy without having to keep 27 different tabs open all day. As

an added bonus, the tool allows you to easily create notes and to-do lists to ensure

you stay organized.


8. Rapportive: The Rapportive extension helps you extract valuable social

information from email exchanges. This information is then gathered into a

sidebar in your Gmail account, making it easy for you to connect with new

influencers or clients on their social media accounts.


9. Boomerang: Perfect for automating your email marketing efforts, Boomerang

lets you schedule emails to be sent at the right time.


10. Grammarly: No digital marketing agency can afford to deliver content to clients

with grammar mistakes. That’s why Grammarly is such a great Chrome

extension. It helps you catch grammar and spelling mistakes, even the ones that

programs like Microsoft Word often can’t detect, from incorrect verb tenses to

missing articles before plural nouns and misplaced commas. Overall, the

Grammarly extension can help to catch an impressive 250 errors!


11. Alexa Traffic Rank: This Chrome extension makes tracking your traffic easy,

and it does it without interrupting your browser experience! It lets you see the

number of sites linking into your site, the load time, and your traffic rank.


12. Domain Hunter Plus: This handy tool will help every online marketing

consultant track domains that have expired and identify broken links.


13. MozBar: Every internet marketing consultant needs well-honed SEO skills.

Luckily, there are a number of Chrome add-ons for SEO out there, including

MozBar. One of the best SEO browser extensions, MozBar lets you see the Page

Authority and Domain Authority of any link. As an added bonus, you can also use

the “Page Analysis” feature in order to generate a list of inbound links to any

piece of content.


14. Page Analytics by Google: Another one of the great Chrome add-ons for SEO

out there, this useful SEO browser extension provides you with a range of

valuable analytics for your web content, from bounce rate to traffic to time-on-

page. All in all, Page Analytics is a great way to track the performance of your

blog or website.


15. Chrome Remote Desktop: IT problems are a surefire way to ruin any internet

marketing consultant’s day. Luckily, the Chrome Remote Desktop extension can

be a real lifesaver, letting you hand over control to your computer remotely so

that an IT professional can quickly fix the problem.


In conclusion, whether you need browser extensions to give your SEO capabilities a

boost or handy tools to make your social media strategy easier, these 15 extensions are

bound to make work easier for internet marketing consultants.

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