Driving Traffic to your website

The goal of a professional SEO services company is to drive traffic to a website and then turn that traffic into customers. Once sales start happening, the goal becomes more traffic. Fortunately, the best SEO agencies have many different ways to drive traffic to websites. The following is a list of 20 ways to drive traffic to a website:

  1. Pay-per-click advertising – This method costs money, but it is a great method for attracting visitors and making your brand known. You get your website out there in front of people through the ad network.
  2. Social media – It is hard to promote content these days without social media involvement. Many platforms out there have different advantages. Use them all.
  3. Blogging – Put a blog on your website and post to it regularly.
  4. Write great headlines – The best SEO companies know that great headlines get attention. This is what reels the visitor in to keep reading. Subheadings should be engaging, as well, because visitors are going to skim the page.
  5. On-page SEO– You still need to optimize your website content for search engines. Everything from internal links to meta descriptions needs to be present.
  6. Long-tail keywords – Because of voice search via personal digital assistants, the keyword searches are getting longer. This means that SEO services and webmasters need to include these in the website’s content.
  7. Create linkable content – The top SEO services know the benefit of natural inbound links. You need to create content that makes people want to link to you.
  8. Internal links – You need to create a good internal linking structure so that pages can link to each other. This is good for SEO and for the user experience.
  9. Email marketing – Email marketing isn’t dead. Make sure you have a subscription form on your website that allows visitors to subscribe. Email to your list on a schedule.
  10. Responsive design – If a website isn’t responsive to any device, then visitors will leave if the site is hard to navigate.
  11. Analytics – Analytics tell you what you are doing right and wrong. Pay attention to them and check at least once per week so you can make the appropriate adjustments.
  12. Submit links to aggregator sites – Reddit is a good example of a site you can submit your content to. Make sure you don’t spam it because the users are savvy.
  13. Visual content – Photos and video should be a part of your content. Produce a video and place it on YouTube, leading people back to your site. You can also embed the video on the site.
  14. Market research – The top-rated SEO companies know what the competition is doing because they evaluate their websites.
  15. Become a guest blogger – While guest blogging is not a link-building strategy for search engines anymore, it is a way to get more exposure and lead users to the website.
  16. Communicate – Communicate with commenters on social media and in the blog. Interacting with them will improve their experience.
  17. Swap advertising – Trade advertising spaces with another website.
  18. Create a forum or community – Giving people a place to interact with one another can also enhance the user experience.
  19. Podcasts – The podcast has proven to be a useful tool that even the most affordable SEO company uses to generate a following and drive traffic.
  20. E-books – Free e-books that you can distribute to certain places on the web can be a great way to generate traffic when it is something people want to know.


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