B2B Seo performance

Below, we present the top 20 performance metrics for measuring B2B search engine optimization. Regardless of the industry you’re in, these metrics can help you to improve your B2B marketing services.

  1. Organic Search Engine Traffic-This is the most basic performance metric for B2B SEO marketing.
  2. Percentage of Traffic from Organic Search-This percentage will vary based on the differing online marketing techniques and strategies you use in your B2B SEO services.
  3. Unique Keywords Delivering Traffic-If you focus on continually developing new content, you should see an increase in this number over time.
  4. Landing Pages Receiving Traffic-This refers to the number of URLs found in search engine results that received impressions or traffic.
  5. Conversions from Organic Search Engine Traffic-Although there are many different types of goals your business might define in terms of conversion, it’s important to ensure you are tracking those goals on a regular basis as part of your digital marketing for B2B.
  6. Conversion Rate from Organic Search Engine Traffic-This metric should be measured in comparison to other digital and online marketing channels for the purpose of determining the quality of traffic you receive from organic search.
  7. Events Created from Organic Search Engine Traffic-This metric can be particularly well suited for lead generation efforts that are not as sales-centric, such as link or image clicks or video views.
  8. Percentage of Search Traffic from Non-Branded Keyword Search Referrals
  9. Percentage of Search Traffic from Core Keyword Strategies
  10. Keyword Rank Monitoring-Regardless of the industry in which you are involved, it’s important to focus on achieving the best keyword position in search engine results possible.
  11. Inbound Links
  12. Social Shares-This metric should be measured based on the number of shares acquired per platform of program. Make sure your B2B search engine optimization agency is tracking this metric.
  13. Contacts-Refers to the number of contacts that are researched, contacted, and with whom communication has been made.
  14. Content Generated-This metric could also include content reviewed.
  15. Unique Domains
  16. Monthly Improvements-This metric could include improvements in keyword referrals, organic search traffic, and any other performance metrics. Should be tracked on a month-to-month basis.
  17. Yearly Improvements-In addition, it’s important to track year-to-year improvements in keyword referrals, organic search engine traffic, conversions, and various other performance metrics.
  18. Pages Indexed in Google
  19. Revenue from Organic Search Engine Traffic
  20. Inbound Links Created.


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