We all remember Tetris; it was the quintessential strategy video game of its time. At this point you may be asking what this has to do with your digital marketing presence. Well, Tetris’ challenge was to find the right fit for the blocks that were constantly being thrown at you. Each new set of blocks meant that you had to adjust your strategy in order to keep up.  Your digital presence is faced with the same challenges.

Maintain your flexibility

When creating your digital strategy online you must be ready to adjust your plan in order to keep up with the changing environment of the web. Inflexible digital strategies will guarantee that you find yourself at the back of the pack. Once you find yourself falling behind, the blocks will start to pile up; and if you get far enough behind, you’ll find yourself starting over. Your plan of attack cannot remain static; it must evolve with the trends. This isn’t to say that you should constantly tinker with your plan, however, it should have a built-in flexibility that can adapt to the next trend.

Anticipate Your Next Move

If you’re not looking ahead, you may get left behind. At any given time you may have several blocks in the air. It’s important to know where the next one will be placed. The next move can be anticipated by paying attention to your competition, web trends, and your current standing in the market place. You will need to conduct your plan with a healthy balance between reactionary moves and well thought-out strategies.

Find the right fit

Some things just don’t go together – it’s that round peg in a square hole thing. However, in Tetris you have to find the best fit at any given time. Knowing where you currently stand amongst your competition will assist you in finding the right fit for your brand. Finding the right positioning for your brand in the online environment is critical to gaining a foothold.

The web is never going to stop evolving how companies communicate with their audiences, so it behooves you to be in a constant state of learning. Learn the trends, find out how your company may fit within them, and then adjust accordingly to keep your company in the mix. It’s as simple as video game.

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