Link building tactics

Link building is a key way for ecommerce sites to increase their search rankings, enhance their visibility online, and drive sales. Curious about how to improve link building for Toronto ecommerce sites? Be sure to take a look at the following four tactics. 

Seek out guest posting opportunities. Linking building in Toronto can be better accomplished by seeking out guest posting opportunities. An added bonus? When you get your content on a new blog, particularly a reputable, well-known blog within your niche, you gain access to a new audience, gaining new customers in addition to new links. 

Conduct interviews with influencers in your niche. People love publicity and an interview is likely to be flattering, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble cajoling influencers in your niche to talk to you. Once you’ve written up the interview, publish it on your site. If it attracts attention (which hopefully it should) it will be shared across social media sites and blogs in your industry, scoring you new links for your portfolio. 

Give product reviews. It is true that Google tends to frown upon procuring links via product reviews. However, there is an important caveat to this: When done well and in moderation, this strategy is likely to be effective without incurring any Google penalty. The key here is to choose your targets wisely. Make sure you’re only posting reviews on reputable blogs with high-quality content.

Get into directories. Getting your website into authoritative, reputable directories is a great way to build links. Start out with directories like DMOZ and BOTW, in addition to other niche-specific directories. Just make sure you avoid link farms here. Only give out your site information to directories that are relevant and reputable.

There is no denying it: Building up a link portfolio, especially from scratch, can be a daunting task. It requires patience and persistence, but with some hard work, you will succeed. If you do need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact link-building services in Toronto for some professional advice. 


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