Content Marketing Practices

Every year, content marketing practices change, with 2017 being no different. To drive more traffic to your website, get more online visibility, and convert more leads, you need these practices implemented. If you are unsure what they are or what to do with them, you can always turn to one of the top content marketing service providers.

5 Top Practices:

Because these practices are vital to online success, it is important that you identify the best content marketing agencies and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Content Length – Some blogs are 1,000 words, but for the best results, you want to keep them between 400 and 500. Although some people still read longer blogs and the content length is not a ranking factor for Google’s algorithms, most people want value in a compact size. In other words, they want quick answers or information. It is true that longer content provides more detailed answers and signals its relevance better in search engines, but you have to be careful. If you post long blogs, balance them with shorter content.
  2. Semantic Keywords – In 2013, Google released the Hummingbird algorithm, which pays particular attention to each word in a query. This algorithm wants to ensure that the entire sentence is considered as opposed to individual words, making semantically related keywords necessary. To provide searchers with more value while ranking higher in search results, an SEO expert will focus on signaling relevance and matching searchers’ intent by using semantic keywords.
  3. Multimedia – Multimedia is another essential practice for 2017, including images with blogs and social media. Whether blogs, social media, or tweets, content with images gets a much higher percentage of clicks. Images make your content easier to scan while also improving reader engagement.
  4. Personality – Because connecting with prospects is vital to your success, offer conversational type content. Never be afraid to show the personality of your business and yourself. Make messages more personal and warm, which helps people relax, trust, and engage.
  5. Analysis – Without conducting an analysis of your content, there is no way to determine what is and is not working. For that reason, you need to rely on the right system or tool so that you can monitor and analyze all of your content. That way, you have the opportunity to make quick and appropriate changes as needed.

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