Digital Marketing Trends

In order to maximize the success of your digital marketing strategy, it’s always good to be ahead of the curve. Wondering what digital marketing trends will be the most relevant in 2016? Let’s take a look at five digital marketing trends and the digital marketing tips that will help you to effectively utilize them.

  1. App Development: While Google has provided app indexing for some time now, the ranking potential for apps will significantly expand as 2016 continues. That means that more and more marketers and business owners will make the switch from mobile-optimized websites to mobile apps. An app can do everything that a website can, but it can do it in more natural, convenient, and accessible ways. It’s true that apps probably won’t totally replace websites for a coupe of years, but 2016 will be crucial for app development. And as most B2B digital marketing services will tell you, app development will be especially important for B2B digital marketing. B2B markets will increasingly be looking to leverage the power of apps in unique ways, creating apps for tradeshows, events, and networking.
  1. Predictive Analysis: Big data has been a major talking point for the last two years or so, but digital marketers are just now starting to tap into its full potential, finding impressive new ways to utilize all the data they are able to collect from consumers. Marketers are now able to use data to highlight trends and patterns, which has led to predictive analysis. This allows marketers to use data to engage with consumers on an individual level to boost ROI. One of the most important digital marketing tips of 2016 is to leverage the power of predictive analysis to make your interactions with customers more relevant.
  1. Interactive Content: Engagement is a word that is always on the mind of every digital marketer. In 2016, interactive content—such as animated presentations or real-time polls—will prove to be a valuable way to get audiences engaged. As many B2B digital marketing services have pointed out, interactive content can be especially valuable for B2B marketing strategies, where it is often more difficult to get high levels of engagement.
  1. Video Ads: One of the most important digital marketing tips of 2016? Invest in video ads. Google is just now finally getting onboard with in-SERP video advertising, meaning that users are generally becoming much more accepting of video ads.
  1. Digital Assistant Optimization: You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization, but have you heard of Digital Assistant Optimization? Digital assistants, including Siri and Cortana, are becoming increasingly commonplace on smartphones. Digital marketers will need to work to ensure that these assistants can easily find and relay their information, in addition to using optimization strategies to funnel consumers to websites.

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