SEO services in Toronto

How fast your site loads depends on the browser that a person uses. It also varies between a desktop computer and mobile use. If the load time for your site is sluggish, you need professional SEO services in Toronto. Working with a top SEO company in Canada, your site will be fully analyzed and fixed to ensure that it opens quickly and seamlessly.

An SEO company in Toronto can improve your site in numerous ways, including fixing the load time. If a potential or existing customer tries to log onto your site without success, you would lose a sale and loyal follower. By working with a reputable company, you will also benefit from affordable SEO services in Toronto.

  1. Animation – Animations have a huge impact on load time. Especially if several animations are running, people will find it difficult or impossible to gain access to your site. For this problem, the expert would eliminate the use of animations. Your website will still get the same message across in a quicker and more refined way.
  2. Images – Large images are also notorious for causing load-time problems. The larger the images are, the slower your site will load. The expert will reduce the number of images used, shrink the size, or choose images that are more internet-friendly.
  3. External Scripts – If your website has an extra feature or added library, external scripts are used to create a link with new HTTP requests every time your page loads, which dramatically increases load time. The fix involves limiting the external scripts to only what is absolutely necessary.
  4. Page Caching – Without page caching, the static files on your webpage store will load slowly. By implementing page caching, users can access your pages quickly because your site’s database does not have to retrieve individual pages for each request made.
  5. Old Baggage – The reference to “baggage” includes things like running excessive plugins, doing too many backups at the server level, having large databases, and the accumulation of codes on your website. The SEO expert will first identify the baggage on your site and then get rid of what needs to go so that users can reach your site easily.

Our experts at the Toronto SEO Group understand the importance of fast-loading websites. If you are struggling with this, we have the solutions you need. For more information about our company and the various services that we offer, please visit our website. You can also reach a live team expert with a simple phone call.


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