Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics is a very handy tool box for tracking your website’s progress in web searches and its other parameters. The problem is that the set of options and tools in there can be daunting for a casual user.

For this reason, most businesses hire a Toronto online marketing agency to deal with this aspect of their marketing effort – a prudent choice we wholeheartedly support.

At the same time, we recognize that there are entrepreneurs out there that wish to do it on their own, for one reason or another. Toronto SEO Group is happy to extend its expertise and knowledge with this free set of tips.

This list can save you lots of time that figuring it out on your own would inevitably take, and shortcut you directly to the essentials. So, without further ado, here it is.

A List of Five Most Important Google Analytics Goals

Track Social Bookmarking. If your site has social bookmarking buttons or widgets, you will wish to know if it’s working. After all, having it there makes no sense if users are not clicking them. You can use Google Analytics tracking clicks on outbound links to track this goal.

Track Newsletter Subscriptions. Newsletter subscriptions are a very important metric to track. If you are not collecting subscribers, your marketing effort will not be nearly as efficient. First, you will need to tag your email campaigns with Google URL Builder. This will allow you to gauge the revenue this channel brings in on the whole, as well as its conversion rates. Once that’s done, set up the goal to get a more complete picture of how the campaign is doing.

Track New Account Registrations. Tracking this metric will allow you to know just how many new users go from completing their registration to making a purchase. If the gap is considerable, it may indicate that the process of registration and order placing is too tedious/long/complex or any combination of the three. If this is the case, you can now go and remove unnecessary steps such as some “required” fields (people can be very reluctant to give you their phone number, for example), or other non-essentials that make the process daunting or tedious.

Track Leads. Leads are a very important metric to follow if you are selling anything on your website. You can use a free offer on your website to qualify leads, to whom you may later suggest paid services or products.

Bonus Metric – Track Sales. This goal is such a must that it should hardly be mentioned at all. But still, to be sure, here it is. Tracking sales is by far the most important goal of any online business. Cross checking it with leads and email newsletter subscribers will give you a lot of insight about your conversion rates and other aspects of your online business.

We hope you found this interesting and useful. For more info or advice from a professional Toronto online marketing agency, call Toronto SEO Group today. We are here for you!


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