5 Mistakes that are gruesome for your PPC campaigns

As any professional PPC services firm in Toronto will tell you, when it comes to PPC campaigns, even seemingly small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. Make sure to avoid these mistakes that will inevitably wreak havoc on your PPC campaigns by destroying your click-through rates and demolishing your ROI.


  1. Your ads aren’t relevant. If your ads aren’t relevant to their associated keywords, your click-through rate will probably be abysmal. Always make sure that your ads’ content is closely related to their corresponding keywords. 
  1. You don’t include a call to action. Ads with a call to action (CTA) perform considerably better than those without one. A clear and compelling call to action can and will improve click-through rates, helping you create campaigns that are more successful. 
  1. You don’t test your ads. A/B testing isn’t a waste of time. It’s a proven way to craft more effective ads and drive up your ROI. If you don’t test your ad to gauge its efficacy, you could very well just be throwing away money into an ineffective ad campaign. 
  1. You’re not using ad extensions. Ad extensions, including call, location, product, and social extensions, ensure that visitors quickly receive the information they are looking for when viewing your ad, driving up click-through rates. 
  1. You aren’t adhering to ad creation best practices. Best practice guidance is out there for a reason: It will help you create higher-quality, more relevant ads. Remember, developing high-quality ads that are deemed relevant will drive up your Quality Score, meaning you will pay less per click. It is in your best interest to check out Google’s best practice guidelines for AdWords and ensure that you are adhering to them. If you need some guidance, get advice from professional PPC services in Toronto. 

In conclusion, when it comes to developing and implementing PPC campaigns, it is crucial to note that mistakes can have very costly consequences. If you need help with a PPC campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out to professional PPC services in Toronto to ensure you avoid mistakes and stay on the path toward PPC success.


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