Social Media Outreach is Better than Link Building

Business owners want their websites to be visited by as many people as possible. This means achieving the best ranking for the chosen relevant keywords. Good rankings result in organic traffic that builds credibility. Two ways to create traffic are link building and social media outreach. A lot of time and patience are involved, but a professional SEO services company is going to have the strategy to counter setbacks and move forward with driving traffic to the website.

A Look at Link Building

Several elements help a website rank well. The content must be of good quality and current, technical errors shouldn’t be present, links should be good, outbound links need to be to authoritative sources, and inbound links should be from quality sites that are credible. Links have a lot of juice in the world of SEO because a link from a credible site makes the one it’s linking to look credible in the eyes of search engines and people.

While this may seem straightforward, it isn’t. Links can’t be spammy. It is about quality instead of quantity, although it can help to have a good quantity of credible sites linking to a website. Link building has to be carried out carefully because Google is looking closely at whether a link is a spam link.

A Look at Social Media Outreach

Outreach is a type of link building because people will follow a link to get to the website. Outreach can be achieved through the media, emails, or social media. Of these, social media outreach is huge because of the type of reach that it achieves. Here are five reasons why social media outreach is better than old school link building:

  1. Marketers can build relationships with their audience, which can popularize content.
  2. Customers become engaged and will share content with their friends. This allows content to spread beyond the number of people following the company’s page.
  3. Companies and marketers can interact with customers and potential customers in real-time. Participating in discussions contributes to relationship building and helps potential customers trust the brand.
  4. Social media is a part of everyone’s life. They use it on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers. They share everything, get information about companies, watch videos, and make buying decisions based on the information that they receive.
  5. Every time a person follows a link in a post to the website, that is one more person contributing to the amount of traffic going to the website. Because traffic contributes to site authority, this social traffic becomes very important.

Through social media outreach, a business can make itself known. This doesn’t remove the need for a website because the website is what provides the most information about the business. Social media pages only allow so much information to be relayed. Posts become buried over time, as they tend to be seen in news feeds for an average of 3.2 hours unless shared. Create shareable content, and it is possible for a post to survive for days, which means it builds more traffic to the website.


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