SEO Consulting Services

Experts like SEO consultancy services, small business Internet marketing consultants, and online marketing consulting services have the experience and expertise to deal with both on-page and off-page optimization elements, helping you to derive more revenue from your website. Wondering whether you should call in an expert for SEO help? Here are five signs that your website needs professional SEO services.

  1. Your customers have trouble finding you online. If your customers are struggling to find you online, even when they search for your business name, it is a major red flag. If even your existing customers aren’t able to find you, it is unlikely that people searching for the products and services your business offers will come across you in search engine results pages, which means you probably aren’t generating any leads.
  1. Your website isn’t generating leads. For many businesses out there, a website is their main sales funnel. If your website isn’t generating leads, it is a sign of a problem. Perhaps your content isn’t well-tailored to your target audience or perhaps you haven’t optimized your website with the right keywords. Keep in mind that this tends to be a major problem for small business, so it can be useful to call in a small business Internet marketing consultant.
  1. 10 percent or less of your traffic comes from organic search. An SEO strategy can be said to be working pretty well when at least 60 percent of your organic traffic comes from search queries. If this metric dips under 60 percent it is an indication that your strategy probably needs some optimization and improvement, but if this metric falls below 10 percent you need professional help from SEO consultancy services or online marketing consulting services immediately.
  1. Your rankings in search engine results pages have dropped and you don’t know why. If you’ve seen a sudden drop in your search engine rankings but don’t quite know why, your best bet is to call in a SEO consultancy service or online marketing consultancy service. Remember, drops in rankings translate into lost traffic and lost revenue.
  1. Your website has been banned or penalized by Google. If your site has been banned by Google or you’ve incurred some kind of penalty, it is likely you’ve used some kind of black-hat technique. Whether this was intentional or inadvertent, an SEO consultancy service or online marketing consultant can help you figure out where you went wrong, repair the damage, and prevent it from happening again.

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