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Have you ever noticed how a verified celebrity can easily wrack up millions of social

media followers without putting in that much effort? Sure, fame does hook in a lot of

followers, but that isn’t the whole story. When it comes to social media marketing,

businesses can learn quite a bit from celebrities. For some inspiration, take a look at these

social media lessons taken straight from celebrities’ playbooks.


1. Engage with your followers. When it comes to effective social media marketing,

engagement isn’t just about getting your followers to engage with your brand —

it’s also about knowing how you can engage with your followers. Consider

famous late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. He actively engages with his

followers and uses Twitter to source material for his show. You can use this social

media lesson to crowdsource feedback about your brand, product, and services

from your followers. You’ll boost your brand’s visibility, cultivate a better

relationship with your customers, and gain more followers in the process.

Remember, interaction leads to attraction.

2. Understand your fans. As any social media promotion agency or management

services will tell you, the key to great social media is an in-depth understanding of

your target audience. Celebrities are truly skilled at this. Consider the

Kardashians, for example, who have a sizable presence on social media. “When

the Kardashians gear up for a new season, they don’t just wing it; they delve into

storylines that resonate most with their audience,” explained Eddie Newquist,

chief creative officer at Global Experience Specialists. “Similarly, ask what

happens to your product when it comes off the assembly line and how people

react and interact with it.”

3. Offer a behind-the- scenes peek. Celebrities often cultivate a more personal

connection with their followers by sharing a behind-the- scenes peek at their

personal lives and careers. Consider Taylor Swift, for example. She routinely

offers a behind-the- scenes look at her personal life, sharing fun snaps of her

squad, family, and cats. Businesses can do the same to develop a rapport with

followers that is more personal and intimate.

4. It’s not all about self-promotion. If you truly want to develop relationships with

your followers, not every single post should explicitly promote your business.

Celebrities are adept at building huge followings without constantly promoting

themselves and their careers. Consider Cristiano Ronaldo. He has one of the most

popular accounts on Facebook. Although he does use the site to promote his

career, he also regularly posts photos of family, friends, and his homeland,

Madeira. This tactic has won him more than 100 million fans, so it’s been pretty


5. Raise awareness for important causes. Social media doesn’t have to be used

purely for branding or marketing purposes. It can also be leveraged to serve more

altruistic purposes, something celebrities have mastered. Consider Emma Watson.

She’s a huge advocate of gender equality, and she is constantly using social media

to raise awareness for the cause. Businesses can also use social media to raise

awareness for charities or causes that are important to them and boost their overall

online visibility in the process.


In conclusion, there are a number of social media lessons that businesses can learn from

celebrities. If you want additional guidance on how to develop an effective social media

marketing strategy, it never hurts to contact a social media promotion agency or

management services for professional advice and expertise.


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