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Pinterest is more than a website for finding amazing recipes, home decorating ideas, and do-it-yourself projects. With the help of a reputable Toronto internet marketing firm, Pinterest can increase sales on your e-commerce site. With so many opportunities, it is important that you rely on outstandinginternet marketing services in Canada with extensive knowledge of Pinterest.

The right internet marketing company in Toronto knows exactly how to use Pinterest to boost online sales. Following are five examples:

  1. Optimization – Pinterest is great for optimization, ensuring a greater number of people who come to your site will pin the page on Pinterest where your product or service is located. To generate more traffic, a 100×200-pixel image and a 600×900-pixel portrait image from your site are pinned. Adding several images is also recommended so that people can choose what they like best. When an image on your site is pinned, its alt-text automatically appears as the pin description. Optimization also comes from adding a Pinterest “Save” button and enabling rich pins.
  2. Content and Product Pins – Visitors to Pinterest are either ready to buy now or later. With professional internet marketing in Canada, content for both audiences are pinned. Pinning product images that lead to product pages helps you convert both types of people. The more your content and product images are pinned, the more trust people have in your company. The objective is to create content and product boards while pinning relevant material.
  3. Special Offers and Contests – To increase sales gradually or to get something started immediately, special offers and contests are extremely effective. Along with an increase in sales, you will gain email subscribers and followers.
  4. Business Verification – While most e-commerce sites are legitimate, some are not, which is why people tend to be wary when buying something online. With Pinterest, prospects can verify your business. This gives them confidence, which equates to an increase in conversions.
  5. Helpful Pins – People read online content to find answers or solve problems. To increase sales, Pinterest can do the same by using an instructo-graph, an image with a tip, or a “how-to” video.

Our team at the Toronto SEO Group can help you increase sales. We offer years of experience and expertise with Pinterest and other social media sites and SEO strategies. Visit our website to learn more about our services or contact a company representative by phone.

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