lead nurturing with Facebook ads

Facebook is a great solution for successful ad campaigns. If you can increase your leads with these ads on your own, great. If not, you should work with a trusted company that offers PPC services in Toronto. Whichever Toronto PPC agency you choose, expect to see amazing results. While PPC management services in Toronto may focus on pay per click, they offer many SEO strategies.

  1. Sequential Nurturing of Leads – If your audience prefers receiving emails or if you have a lot of people who wait to open emails, sequential lead nurturing with Facebook ads is ideal. Not only does this complement your emails, it plays off the emails sent to users who do not open them right away. Simply send out an email one day, followed by a Facebook ad the next day, repeating sequentially. Use specific language so that the sequence is obvious. If you mention checking an email for a 10 percent savings, always link to the relevant product page.
  2. Being Strategic with Your Targeting – Facebook’s audience is specific. Therefore, use your CRM to create a list of people who left a high-value product or service in their carts. When uploading this to Facebook, the site will assist you in performing an A/B test. With this, you gain insight into types of messaging or offers to convert those users.
  3. Having Better Reach – You also want to upload a CRM list of the users who did not open the lead nurture email right away. That way, you know exactly who your retargeting message needs to go to.
  4. Relevant Communication – Use communication with Facebook ads that are relevant to who your audience is, what they want, and when they want it. You can get those answers by asking visitors to your site to complete a short survey or by hosting a live Q&A session. With the answers, you can then formulate communications that are relevant and more personal.
  5. Facebook Lead Ads – Take advantage of Facebook “Lead Ads” that provides you with options based on your campaign objective. Under “Lead Generation,” choose “Lead Ads” to create a custom form that can be used with any device. Facebook then gathers information on anyone who would have an interest in your product or service, followed by automatically filling out the form for you to use for viable leads.

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