6 Effective Ways to Build Your Brand's Authority

Establishing your brand’s online authority not only showcases your position as a thought leader but, when handled well, can also help you to generate more customers and revenue. People tend to do business with those they trust. By taking the time to build your brand’s authority, you can show that you have earned that trust. Along with working with a professional SEO agency, the following strategies can help you to build your brand’s authority.

  • Write Content Optimized for Informative KeywordsOne of the best ways to gain authority status for your brand is to provide informational content. This is the type of content that tends to be shared, so it’s also a great strategy for increasing your brand’s exposure and reach. Premium SEO marketing strategies involve optimizing your content for long-tail keyword phrases with an emphasis on informational keyword phrases such as “How to.”
  • Be a Guest Blogger for OthersTake the time to share what you know by guest blogging for another site. This is an excellent way to build your authority and brand presence. The key is to find a blog with an audience base that will be interested in what you have to say and then creating a piece of great content to share. If you do this correctly, your content can generate additional comments, social shares, and traffic.
  • Comment on Other BlogsAlong with guest blogging for others, another great way to build your online presence and authority is to simply comment on other blogs. Make a point of subscribing to top blogs within your niche or industry. Remember that the goal with this strategy is not link building, but to build your presence and authority, so focus on making valuable comments. Always read through the post and previous comments first to frame your comment correctly.
  • Promote Your Social Media ProfilesDon’t make people have to search for your social profiles. Help to extend your brand’s reach by placing social icons on your website, including in the header, footer, and sidebar. In addition, include social links in all communications, including emails and newsletters. Finally, make sure your profiles are search friendly so they will show up in search results. The best way to do this is by matching your social profile to your brand name.
  • Engage Your Fans, Subscribers, and FollowersThe best SEO services advise that you engage with your audience frequently and consistently. Not only does this make your audience feel valued, but can also help to expand your reach, which can ultimately build your brand’s online authority.
  • Host WebinarsHosting webinars gives you an opportunity to interact and have real-time conversations with your target audience. Not only does it help you to present your brand’s expertise but is also a great alternative to traditional content for those who prefer audio learning.


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