We think of ourselves as a different kind of Internet Marketing company – We don’t prescribe until we diagnose and we don’t force a one size fits all approach on our clients. We will work with you to tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Internet Marketing Company Toronto

To that end we bring great people and well developed processes to the table –

•             A unique method of site & online presence analysis that identifies potentials

•             A proprietary in house developed keyword research program and method

•             A unique keyword mapping & on page optimization process for your site

•             Our link building methods are creative but ethical and industry standard

•             We stay abreast of industry changes and adapt our search algorithms tactics

•             We think out of the box and create problem solving custom solutions

There are often creative ways to increase your site traffic with a non-standard offering.  As an example we have successful recruiting firms that use our hybrid social / PPC model to find candidates through social media.  In all cases this has more than tripled the monthly conversion rates as compared to just a monthly SEO package.  The same strategy can be applied to a number of industries – like trucking firms trying to find drivers – an Oil firm trying to source labor and a niche electronics manufacturer selling diagnostic equipment.

We can chat about the practical steps of moving forward and what that would look like at your convenience.

Talk soon…

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