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Algorithm update raises the bar for authorship

Strategy changes for inbound marketers will come into play, as Google’s algorithm update is shaking things up.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, hinted at these changes in October during a keynote speech at PubCon. Cutts’ told Barry Schwartz ,of Search Engine Land,that Google has applied a 15% reduction in the amount of rich snippets displayed in search results.

You will notice that search engine result pages have become more visual. There are pictures of the author next to their articles, which are pulled from the author’s Google+ profile along with their name and the number of followers they have.

Now, authorship tags only show up if someone has verified their account, which only a 12% of top tech blogs did. If authors have tags on their websites, then the posts stand out and seem more trustworthy. Ultimately, getting the most clicks.

Google had been testing how a reduction in authorship would affect searches. The results were that by reducing authorship by 15%, there was an increase in quality. The definition of “quality” was not made too clear, but what can be gathered from Cutts’ speech was:

-There will be a reduction in instances of Google authorship showing up in SERP’s

-Focus will be on showing “high-quality” authors in SERP’s

-Searchers will be given content they could trust and really want to read.


With the decrease of authors being shown in searches, it’s important to know how Google classifies author profiles:

1. Full Author Profile – includes a name, photo, byline and the number of Google+ followers

2. Partial Author Profile – no photo, byline and number of Google+ followers

3. No Author Profile – no information about the author, page title and the URL


While you could end up in any of these profile categories, here are some of the criteria it appears Google is using to decide which category you will fall under:

-The authority of the sites you’re writing for

-The number of followers on Google+ do not have an effect on the results

-Site by site (one author’s profile may show up on one site but not another)

-Google+ post show full profiles


The Google Algorithm update can have less of an effect on you by just a few minor tweaks. Start paying attention to search results and what you’re seeing. What kind of topics are the strong suits writing about?  What types of sites are they writing for? If you start to notice a pattern then make notes and take advantage of that. Trust your own content and build authority in your industry and promote your work in authoritative sites.

Establish an authority in search engines by writing about a certain topic more often. Always make sure you’re producing top quality work that your buyers would be searching for. You will gain more of an authorship  by focusing on strong content that your customers wants, the challenges they would face, and/or the solution for them.

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