Blending the power of paid advertising

Search engine marketing is a kind of organic marketing, as an algorithm determines the ranking of a site by taking into account a number of factors and variables. In essence, results in search engine marketing are earned by producing high-quality websites with great content that are easy for users to navigate. By contrast, paid advertising is, as the name suggests, paid. Results are purchased as opposed to earned. 

As any internet marketing services firm in Toronto will tell you, the major disadvantage of search engine marketing is that it takes a long time to see results. You will need to invest, time, resources, and money into your search engine marketing strategy to see an uptick in ratings. Conversely, the major advantage of paid advertising is that you can see results quickly.

“The holy grail is, of course, a steady stream of free organic traffic. However, this requires a serious investment in time and can take months, even years, to bear fruit,” explained Tutora co-founder Mark Hughes. “Paid traffic will, of course, cost money upfront, but it does have a key advantage over organic traffic: It’s quick. If you need to grow your topline quickly, this shouldn’t be overlooked! It also offers a way to get instant feedback on whether you are doing the right thing.”

Although results are quick to come with paid advertising, the downside is that it doesn’t necessarily generate permanent streams of traffic. Once you get rid of your Toronto PPC services firm and stop your ad campaigns, you’ll stop getting traffic. By contrast, while search engine marketing requires a lot more time, effort, and resources, the results are much longer lasting. With a great search engine marketing strategy coordinated by a reputable Toronto internet marketing services firm, you will see long-lasting gains in traffic and permanent gains in rankings.

So, which is better: paid advertising or search engine marketing? Your best bet is to blend paid advertising with search engine marketing so that you can reap the benefits of both. A Toronto PPC services firm can help you drive traffic to your site in the short term while an internet marketing services firm in Toronto can help you achieve long-term gains, ranking, and visibility. With a blended strategy, you get the best of both worlds. 

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