Boost your brand power

Did you know that 82 percent of consumers report having used a local business within the past 12 months? Or that 98 percent of those who have used a local business in the past year plan to continue to shop locally in the future or increase the amount of local shopping they do?

One thing is clear: Customers’ appetite for local businesses is an opportunity. But local businesses need to know how to capitalize on that opportunity. In order to stand out and succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world, local businesses need to make an effort to brand themselves locally. For businesses in the Toronto area, local search marketing in Ontario and Toronto should be the backbone of local online branding efforts.

The first step to successful local advertising and search marketing in Ontario is ensuring that all of your brand’s core information (brand name, location, and contact information) is correct on both your website and any relevant listings. Google uses this information to determine your relevance and proximity to a user when deciding whether you should show up in local search results, so it is crucial to get this information right. You will also want to ensure that you are using relevant, localized keywords on your website and in any directory listings to ensure that you will show up in the results for relevant local searches.

To boost your local search marketing strategy and maximize the success of your local advertising efforts, you also need to get involved with your community and build a presence in local publications — both online and offline. Make sure you’re tailoring any content you’re publishing to a local audience so that you’re positioned as relevant. In addition, always use content as a platform to convey your knowledge and expertise.

Ultimately, great local advertising will help your brand capitalize on consumers’ increasing reliance on local businesses. Remember, if you need any help with local search marketing in Ontario or Toronto, it never hurts to contact local SEO services for some professional guidance and advice.


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