As Toronto’s digital marketing specialists, we have lots of experience in building customer loyalty strategies for our own clients.

Building customer loyalty can be tricky, but it is definitely one of the most important goals you have as a business.

Acquiring a new customer is always more tedious and expensive than retaining an existing one. A loyal customer is not only bringing you their business repeatedly, but also acts as an agent on your behalf, “selling” your brand to their own friends and family.

Here is a list of 5 essential tips that will help you build customer loyalty for your brand:

Let Them Know What You Are Doing For Them

Giving your customers a heads-up about your activities on their behalf can definitely strengthen loyalty. If you spent some time over the weekend fixing a customer’s problem, mentioning it when you follow up with them can definitely gain you some loyalty points. This follow-up can be done by email, over the phone or otherwise, but making sure they know you’re going the extra mile for them will serve you well.

Put Customer Needs First

Being able to understand exactly what your customers want will allow you to respond to their needs proactively, making lasting impressions and setting you apart from the competition. This understanding of your clients’ needs will also bring you closer to them on a personal level, and lend integrity to your connection with them.

Write Personal Letters

This brings us to the next point, which is the need for becoming personal with long-time clients. Make sure they know you value their business and will go to extra lengths to keep them happy. Showing genuine interest in their business will make them feel more comfortable, increase their loyalty and possibly even open new avenues of doing business together.

Educate and Inform Clients

It is not enough to just provide services for money. You will gain more value as a service provider if you elevate yourself to the level of a mentor or valued advisor. Be informative and helpful with anything that has to do with your own field of specialization, whether it is information technology, interior design, logistics or any other topic. Whenever you come across new information, such as an article, book or a useful organization that your customer may be interested in, make sure they find out about this from you.

Fix Mistakes Quickly

This is something we have dealt with in a separate article that you can read here Warning! You’re Losing Customers by Not Responding to Negative Reviews, but the overall idea is pretty simple. Dealing positively with a customer’s dissatisfaction is crucial for your reputation and customer relations. Dealing with a customer’s complaint will often prevent them from going out there and damaging your reputation online. Moreover, fixing their problem quickly and efficiently will strengthen your bond and increase customer loyalty.

There is, as always, much more to be said about how to build customer loyalty, but following this list of 5 solid customer loyalty strategy tips will already help things considerably.

Good luck and good business to you from TSG, your Toronto digital marketing specialists!


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