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While Toronto SEO Group focuses on the Greater Toronto Area, our staff lives mostly in the Burlington area.

We are always local and very familiar with the Burlington business landscape and the struggles Burlington Ontario businesses face online.

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We take pride in our top down approach to your marketing challenges.  Our process starts with an overall look at your brand, your website and your online presence in general.  There’s no point in investing in SEO if your site isn’t ready to convert the traffic into leads.

If you are considering internet marketing, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords PPC, Facebook Advertising, Social Media or Email Marketing then please call 1-866-518-1468 or click to speak to a representative.

We can provide a free assessment of your current website, provide important feedback to help you rank better and identify opportunities to help you grow your Burlington business online.

Contact Toronto SEO today by phone at 1.844.990.6119, email or send us a request for quote to work with a better internet marketing company.

Sincerely – Mike Childs


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  1. I would like a quote to have my website more visible when someone types in Drapery or blinds or interior design in Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown, etc.

  2. Ken Patton

    I found these guys looking for a Burlington based SEO company. They came to meet me, they answered all my questions and they went above and beyond to make sure my site was found. If you are considering SEO these guys are great. Just talk to Mike and if you need more convincing get mike to give you my number. I couldn’t have chosen better!


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