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Can Social Media Help My Business

In an ever increasingly competitive environment, many businesses are making social media a core part of their marketing strategies to more effectively reach a wider audience and promote their brands. Most of the time, organic search traffic just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you have ever asked yourself, “can social media help my business?” the answer is a firm YES.

Social media sites allow businesses to distribute their content- which includes their unique news and promotions. Facebook has a special feature which allows businesses offering promotions or savings deals to showcase them to their network of 1 billion+ global users. Users love engaging, rich content- and with the ability to share, re-tweet, and re-post content to their own social networks, this can allow brands to easily increase their exposure exponentially with relatively little effort.

By using social media as a launching pad for your PR, you can get your message across to a wide medium, advertising anything from your news releases, product information, special contests or promotions, and your unique content (such as your blog). While experts advise to be careful in how you promote your brand (no one on social media sites like tacky or aggressive sales pitches), by providing engaging and unique content that users can relate to, you can easily gain a good following.

Social media also allows you to acquire new customers at relatively little cost, if any at all. The more followers you acquire, the more visibility your brand will have. This also affords you the opportunity of having very close interactions with your followers, allowing you to form better relationships, collect feedback, and keep them coming back to your site. Feedback is everything and can make or break a business; knowing at all times how the public perceives your brand is paramount, and social media makes this possible at little cost.

If you do decide to spend money, Facebook’s advertising platform makes it simple and cost effective to reach a massive user base, and is relatively inexpensive. By testing its different advertising formats (including CPM and CPC advertising, among others), you can put together a low-cost, high visibility strategy that works best for your business and the audience you are trying to target.

In essence, acquiring and maintaining a social media presence is crucial to the long-term success of your brand, and you should always make this a central part of your marketing strategy.

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