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For any online business, ranking well is critical to success. To boost your search ranking, start by hiring a reputable company that specializes in SEO services in Canada. To do this, identify at least three of the top Toronto SEO experts. After comparing experience and expertise in internet marketing, including PPC and SEO link building techniques, you can then select the one that best matches your current needs and long-term goals.

Moving further into 2017, it is clear that compelling link building strategies are essential. By working with a highly respected and trusted company that offers internet marketingservices, you will quickly see a difference in your site ranking, along with the volume of visitors to your site and the number of customer conversions. In response to the impact that Google updates had on most websites over the past five years, the examples of link building techniques for 2017 are excellent solutions.

  • Skyscraper Techniques – Link building today is no longer quick and automated. Instead, you need to implement skyscraper techniques. You first review the competitive keywords within your niche for existing content. Then, you build pieces of content that are more useful and comprehensive than those ranking on Google. When done correctly, this technique can increase site traffic by 110 percent or more.
  • Outstanding Testimonials – Using well-written testimonials is another way to build compelling links. For backlinks coming from reputable sites, write a great testimonial, followed by making a request of the company for that product or service to put it on the website’s testimonial page.
  • Reviews from Bloggers – If you sell digital products, give several well-respected bloggers the opportunity to try one and write a review based on their experience. This technique is ideal for backlinks. However, it also helps garner relevant leads coming from those sites. It is important to note that you need to find bloggers within your niche.
  • Link Reclamation – Even if you have one of the best products on the internet, something that a lot of people acknowledge, unless those individuals link to your website, there is no real benefit for you. Top Toronto SEO experts use the appropriate tools to find resources that have mentioned your product, brand, or company and reach out to them, asking them to link to your site.


For expert assistance with link building and other SEO strategies, you can always rely on the Toronto SEO Group. With years of marketing experience, we are confident that we can help your online business rank higher. Please visit our website for more information or give us a call today.

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