Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, we still have people coming to us for brand presence assistance with the expectation that this can be established in a few weeks, even though their company has virtually no current digital brand presence. We are constantly blown away by the skewed view of how long it takes to establish ones’ company in the digital marketplace. Digital brand presence is a web-organism that lives and grows online via information, communication, and engagement with an audience. This organism must be created, nurtured, and fed in order to increase its reach and efficacy. This can only be accomplished over time, of course there’s no distinct value of time applicable to every business; this is dependent on the life of their organism to this point.

The important thing to understand here is – ‘It Can’t be done overnight’

Establishing a foothold online is becoming increasingly difficult, as the latecomers to the online party have really crowded the room. Now companies need to be more creative and ingenious with their engagement and promotion tactics.

Building Your Presence:

  • INFORM-ation
    • You need to provide relevant information to your target audience. Know how and what they are searching for in relation to your product. The web is an information-seeking conduit. When we go online, we’re looking for the answer to a query. The more applicable your posted information is, the more connected your consumers will be to your product. Establishing authority and notoriety ingratiates your company to your targeted audience. Join the INFORM-ation and give your customers what they need now, and in the future. If you know their needs, you can provide the solution.
  • Comm-U-nication
    • Why U? You need to keep the lines of communication open with current and potential customers. It is astonishing how far simple communication can go within the minds of your customers. Twitter has proven this again and again. Interacting with users of your products provides invaluable information and feedback about their interpretation of your company’s offerings. Your users have a wealth of information and they are giving it away for free.
  • Engage
    • Keeping the lines of communication open is just one of the puzzle pieces. Having the conversations is great, but now what? The conversation has to lead to something. After the lines have been opened, you need to create engagement. This can be accomplished through elicitation of opinions (hashtags), contests, and any other form of call-to-action that prompts people to take part in something.

If you want to convey a strong web presence, then you need to Inform, Communicate, Engage your audience.

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