Web Developers Should Know About SEO

It is no secret and no new thing that SEO and Web Development go hand in hand. Building a website is never just building a website. It has to always be built with SEO in mind. A website that was not built in such a way may have trouble ranking well in search engines. This will inevitably reduce the amount of visitors you will attract, regardless of content quality and design.

What A Web Developer Should Know About SEO

The web developer, therefore, has to know at least some SEO basics to be able to lay the groundwork for subsequent search engine optimization. He does not need to be an SEO wiz, mind you, but he should definitely know those 5 critical things.

Page Download Speeds

The time it takes for pages to load is among the most critical SEO aspects, as every good website developer in Toronto will confirm. This speed is measured by the search engine, and becomes a ranking factor. This is according to Google at the very least, and likely the case with other search engines as well. The basic logic is that Google tries to provide users with sites that they will want to visit, and slow-loading pages are exactly not that.

The Use of Internal Links

A website’s internal information architecture can be plain as a brick, or may work like a clever network with lots of references between pages. A well planned website structure will help search engines map and index it, and the internal links will give you bonuses in ranking, much like backlinks would.

An Optimized Site Map

SEO in web development can be strongly reinforced by a correct and full site map that has no missing pages. The map should not have more than about a hundred links, and should be placed in the root directory of the website. Those site maps are crucial for search engine crawlers to index your site.

Correct Redirects for SEO

There is the wrong and the right way to use the different redirection methods. You use them when there is a page available under several URL addresses and are often used to link “missing pages” to existing content. The 301 and 302 redirects are not the same, and the choice which to use depends on the circumstances. From the standpoint of SEO in web development, using one or the other can, under certain conditions, result in a reduction in ranking. This can become a serious problem and hard to rectify if it occurred on too many pages.

Set Up A Google Analytics Account

This, and a Google Webmaster account should also be established by your web developer early on. Those tools give you full tracking control over your website’s SEO and search engine activity, from ranking by keywords, to user interactions per page.

If you have a web developer, show them this article. If you are still looking for one, and wish to work with an established web development agency in Toronto, just give us a buzz and we’ll get right on it.

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