Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

With 2017 well under way, if you have not already updated your digital marketing strategy, now is definitely the time to do so. Along with tweaking your marketing strategy on your own, you may find it helpful to work with a professional digital marketing agency in Toronto. Below, we cover a few of the digital marketing trends to look for in 2017 when working with an Internet marketing company Toronto.

Video Ads Become More Dominant

When planning for SEO in Toronto, you will see an increasing dominance of video ads. While video ads have become commonplace on Facebook and YouTube, even Google is now getting involved with the introduction of in-SERP video advertising. As a result, digital marketing as we know it will change dramatically. If you are not sure where to get started with video ads, consider consulting with an SEO company in Toronto to map out a plan.

Live Video Goes Big

Live video will also become more dominant in 2017. Meerkat might have introduced live video, but since then, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have taken it to a whole new level. Soon, we could see sponsorships and product placement become a regular feature of live videos, so it’s time to get prepared now.

The Arrival of Social Conversion

Social conversion is yet another trend likely to impact Internet marketing in Toronto. More than ever before, we will see social media working to provide tools and serve as conversion channels for converting prospects directly into customers.

More Changes to Search Algorithms

It’s little secret that search engine algorithms change on a continual basis. Given the massive amount of information that is added to the online world each day, we will likely see search engines update their algorithms even further this year. At the same time, algorithms will determine which content should be given priority and thus higher search engine ranking. To remain competitive, brands should focus on keeping content informative and original, while providing value to audiences.

Unique, High-Quality Content Will Be Critical

One area where an experienced SEO company in Canada may be able to help brands stay on top of digital marketing trends this year is with the creation of unique, high-quality content. Distinctive, quality content will remain key to successful online marketing campaigns, as content marketing becomes vastly more competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, brands will need to ensure that they are providing their audiences with unique, interactive content.


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