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When you are a local business, popping up in searches across the globe may be pleasant, but not very profitable. But not at all, especially if you are running a paid PPC campaign where every non-relevant click is a waste of money. Dentists, hair salons, automotive repair shops, restaurants and a myriad other businesses operate locally and need to be found in local searches.

DIY Local SEO Tips

If you like doing it yourself and are not ready to pay for local search marketing services, here is a list of invaluable local SEO tips that will help you generate relevant local traffic to your blog or website. Enjoy!

Keywords With Your Location

People looking for a local service will often include their location in their search. For instance, Automotive Repair Toronto is far more likely to drive local traffic to your website than the same phrase without the word “Toronto” in it.

Use the Location in Meta Tags

Meta Tags are like small beacons to the search engine. It uses them to gage the relevance of a webpage to the search query.

Mention The Location In The Body Of Your Page

Try not to overdo it with the keywords (two per 200 words of page text is considered sufficient), but wherever you use a keyword, add the location to it.

Put Your Name On The Map

Register on Google Places and Yahoo Local to pop up in searches on those maps. It will also boost your local ranking with both search engines.

Use Your Location In Backlinks

Backlinks are still among the most reliable ways to drive traffic to your site, both directly and by increasing your SEO ranking. Make sure to use your location in them as much as possible.

Register on Local Directories

Local directories are not at all obsolete yet, with quite a number of people still reading them for information on local businesses. Yellow Pages Online, for instance, is among the first places many people will look for a local vendor or service.

Locally Targeted Ads

Google’s PPC management back office allows you to drive targeted, location-based traffic. Moreover, it can be optimized to exclude searches that are not from your area (more on that in Don’t Let These AdWords Mistakes Waste Your Hard Earned Money).

Social Media Traffic

Social media can drive lots of traffic to your site, and it is also true for local search marketing. Sharing in local groups and becoming known in your area can tap into the power of those groups, as they generate visitors on a daily basis.

Use Testimonials and Reviews

Beside their primary goal as a letter of recommendation for your business, recommendation can have a contributing role as far as local SEO is concerned. Posting those testimonials on review sites and classified boards in a certain area will give you access to local traffic.

Use Different Pages for Your Locations

If you have branches to your business, use different pages for each of them to separate traffic into two strictly relevant streams.

This is all for now from your friendly local search marketing service experts. For more info on how it’s done, or to get our team to optimize your local SEO for you, feel free to contact us. We are here for you!

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