On Page Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

On Page SEO is really not so hard to do, and many starting business people who want to save a buck on digital marketing can benefit a great deal by doing it on their own. It requires hardly any web dev knowledge, and no special skills. You do, however, need to know what it is that you need to do, because while it is does not take a computer science grad to perform the work, it is still not exactly trivial.

Website Optimization Done… Wrong?

Attempting to do your own on page SEO without the knowledge of how to do it will often lead you to making some silly and completely avoidable mistakes. Having been in the business of on page SEO services in Toronto for many years, we have seen them all and then a few more. This informational piece should be used as a checklist to avoid the most common of those mistakes. Enjoy!

Keyword Stuffing

There is likely not one single more horrible thing that you can do than repeat your keywords several dozen times all over the page. Sadly, we still see a lot of that happening, even by ostensibly experienced SEO specialists. The origins of this barbaric practice go back to a long forgotten era when search engines only took in keywords, ignoring “trivia” such as structure and coherence, and it was considered good to have heaps of keywords on the page. Clients have always hated this, so it was not efficient even then. Now (for the past decade or so) search engines grew to hate it too, which means that it can actually hurt your ranking.

Duplicate Content and Copied Copy

The former is your own site displaying the same content on several pages, which is bad enough. The latter is even worse and can actually plant your site in the “sand box”. Always use original copy. Google sees all. No, really, copy-pasting content is not only unethical but highly inefficient.

Poor Use of SEO Titles and Descriptions

If it is not original, not well thought-of or completely neglected to be auto-generated by a CMS, it is painful to see. Those two website optimization tools can give you considerable bonus points with the search engines, so use them well.

Unfocused or Wrong Keywords

Never just work generic, because “it seemed right”. Keywords should be chosen based on market research and thorough planning. Choose your intended market, plan out user personas, and once you have chosen the keywords – be consistent in their use. While secondary keywords are often useful, having a dozen of them per page makes it a page about everything, which means a page about nothing. Choose and focus.

Broken Links

If your pages don’t load, content is missing, or was removed, it can hurt your reputation and Google ranking. If you have only a few of those, it may not be such a big deal, but if there are over a dozen broken links on your website, you are looking for trouble. Redirect them, put some content there, do something. Don’t just leave the 404 error message up there to make people lose faith in you.

As we said, there are more than a few that we can name as on page SEO specialists in Toronto, but this sure covers the list of the worst offenders. Avoid them, and you are already on the right track.

Remember, bad on page SEO will not only not work for you, it can work against you, damaging your rating, reputation and hurting sales. Invest in it, and it will pay off. Good luck!

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