AdWords Mistakes

Adwords campaigns are among the most reliable methods to generate immediate leads and gain site traffic. But boy, are they expensive! The price per-click can vary depending on the industry and keyword choice, but it is never low. Especially if you consider that the click is a visitor, not a conversion or sale. Most of those “clicks” will spend a total of ten to thirty seconds on your website and end up leaving, not even knowing that their brief visit had just cost you several dollars.

No wonder then that you would like to put those dollars to good use, squeezing as much efficiency from them as possible. As specialists in AdWords management services in Toronto, we bring you this list of practices and mistakes that you need to uproot from your adwords campaign if you want it to operate at top efficiency. This applies to both Google AdWords and Bing AdWords campaigns.

So What’s Killing Your AdWords Strategy?

Using Unfocused Keywords

This is probably the most common mistake we see people make. It is also very understandable. You’d think that the wider you cast, the more fish you get. True. if you cast wide, you will get more fish, but quantity is not quality. Specific, long tail keywords will give you specific, more dedicated users. Such that are likely looking for what you’re selling. They are far more likely to buy from you.

Avoiding Negative Keywords

There is amazing power and potential here, and if you are not ready to tap into it, you may end up losing money on unqualified leads. Telling your search engine what queries may sound like they are looking for your product but are in fact NOT, will save you lots of money on wasted clicks.

Not Focusing on Location

An extension of the negative keyword specification, this is also an invaluable filter. If you are offering a local service, make sure to use this. Would you like to get (and pay for!) clicks from an area that you are not servicing? Moreover, every ad that shows in an out-of-range search is an ad that does NOT show up for a search in your area. What a waste, right??

Not Using Landing Pages

When a qualified lead clicks your ad, the work is not done yet. Not nearly. They still need to be impressed, convinced and converted. If your ad leads to a generic page and not to a specific landing page that is directly related to their search, you are making it hard for them to find what they came for. This may cause them to leave. Using designated, ad-specific landing pages is imperative.

Not Using Web Analytics

Everything we said above hinges on your ability to gauge exactly what your status is, who visits your site, how long they spend there and which pages they visit. Not doing this is like sailing blind. No need to explain where that may lead you.

By avoiding those main mistakes, you will be able to save lots of money and make your AdWord campaign razor-sharp and super-efficient. Feel free to contact us for more advice from our Toronto AdWords management specialists. Good luck!

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