Marketing has evolved considerably with the mass exodus from print marketing to the digital powerhouse that is the web. This evolution, as with any, is fraught with growing pains. The evolution of the web and its core methodology for ranking and promotion is ceaseless. One of the main catalysts for this evolution is exacerbated by those people who try to skirt the regulations and operational guidelines set forth by Google. These ‘short-cutters’ have forced Google to be increasingly vigilant in the development of protocols to govern safe practices used in digital placement. The unfortunate result of this inconvenience is that it makes ranking and visibility of Google-law abiding companies much more difficult. Adding to the challenge is the fact that negative SEO experiences are becoming more common. Negative SEO is simply the violation of Google-safe practices. So what exactly does this mean to all of us? Well, to Google’s credit, they are trying to provide more relevance for our searches. An unfortunate byproduct of this is that it has, and will, become more difficult to legitimately place your business in the future. It’s a tightrope that hinges upon two ends; pleasing the person seeking a viable product/service, and the ability of that product/service to position itself in such a way that it can be found.

mad google
Don’t Mess With Google

With the innumerable amount of content in existence on the web, Google has to continually create ways to weed the garden. This has to be done every so often because the learned techniques themselves have percolated throughout the web to the average person. Once the techniques are widely known, it is incumbent upon Google to alter and refine them to once again control the relevance, and block the circumventers. Thus, negative-SEO becomes a buzzword in the web culture. It’s a buzzword that should instill a cautionary warning to less-than-ethical digital marketers. That warning should be heeded by all, because even unintentional violations can be met with penalties.

For your own edification, you should be aware if your digital marketing company is utilizing Google-safe practices to promote your business. In most circumstances Google will not cut you slack for hiring a company that uses black-hat tactics to bolster your rankings. That is why it is imperative that you make the term negative-SEO a part of your marketing vernacular. If not, you could be unknowingly sabotaging your standing on the web; sometimes, irreparably.

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