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As any web site design company or website design firm in Toronto will tell you, building an SEO-friendly website is a key component of any SEO strategy. However, it is often overlooked. So, how can you ensure that you build a SEO-friendly website? Be sure to keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind. 

DO merge your www and the non-www domain versions. There will be two different copies of your domain indexed in search engines — the www and the non-www version. To maximize the SEO content of each and avoid duplicate content, it is a good idea to consolidate these versions by using the 301 redirect to point one version of the website to the other. 

DO create an XML Sitemap. A site’s URL structure should always be straightforward. In order to improve the organization and navigability of your website, it is a good idea to create an XML sitemap.  

DO specify canonical URLs using a special tag. To highlight canonical URLs on your site, it can be advantageous to use a canonical URL tag. This special tag will help search engines decide on your canonical ULRs, or the URLs you want your visitors to see.

DON’T use relative URLs. Dynamic URLs are a better choice than static URLs. Dynamic URLs will contain your keywords, as opposed to a random collection of characters. They are more user-friendly and much better for your SEO efforts. 

DON’T assume that all content on your site should be indexed. There may be pages on your site that shouldn’t necessarily be indexed by search engines, particularly if they contain sensitive information or don’t have any of your target keywords. In this case, you will want to use robots.txt to close off these irrelevant pages and prevent search engines from indexing them.

The bottom line? An SEO-friendly website is key to ensuring that you rank well in SERPs and win visibility for your brand. Remember, if you need help designing and developing an SEO-friendly website, it never hurts to seek out professional help from a web site design company or a website design firm in Toronto.


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