Paid Marketing Strategies

With competition being so fierce, now is the time to consider paid marketing strategies. When hiring a pay-per-click company in Toronto, one that offers this and a host of other SEO services, your online business will expand. To drive more traffic to your website, engage better with potential and existing customers, and boost conversions, PPC in Toronto is an outstanding solution.

Lead Ads from Facebook

In lieu of old and ineffective strategies for creating ads, expert marketers who provide PPC services in Toronto take a very different approach. For instance, in exchange for running a Facebook ad, marketers are given several viable options based on the objective of your campaign. When selecting “Lead Generation,” the newly released “Lead Ads” becomes available. Information is gathered from people interested in knowing more about your product or service, or those wanting to subscribe to your blog.

The professional providing your SEO services can then design a custom form that can easily be filled out from virtually any device. Once a user clicks on the ad, the form is automatically filled out by Facebook with contact information. If the focus is on generating more leads and reaching more prospects, this tool is valuable.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads with AdWords

Using AdWords to remarket lists for search ads is unique and efficient since the targeted audience is already somewhat familiar with your company. In fact, much of this audience is probably interested in your product or service, which equates to higher conversion rates. Unlike other remarketing efforts, AdWords runs your campaign with search ads. Therefore, you can bid higher or just on the keywords that your current audience uses to search. Bidding on a higher-volume and more competitive keywords yields a better return on investment.

Platforms for Content Distribution

Instead of placing ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, the marketer can grow your email and subscriber audience using social media platforms like Taboola and Outbrain, among others. These sites display content as “recommended” across numerous sites. With Outbrain, the algorithm uses several factors to determine which sites are best. You simply choose your 10 top blogs and let the platform do the rest.

Seeking Professional Assistance

To simplify your efforts and get the results that you want, our team of experts at the Toronto SEO Group can help. We offer years of experience and unrivaled expertise with all types of SEO strategies. You can visit our website for more information about our company and what we offer or call to speak with a team expert.


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