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Have you noticed your inbox tends to look like a flood has started? When it fills up at this kind of rate, the decision between delete and open is leaning strongly towards delete.

After all, you can’t possibly read everything that lands in your inbox, even if it isn’t spam, and you only end up opening those emails that are truly important or interesting. And when it’s your marketing letter in a potential customer’s inbox, and you’re competing with Amazon or Ebay, you better play hard to make sure your email gets read.

The competition is hard, but you know what? It’s not impossible. You can get ahead in the game of email marketing, and here’s how.

Email Marketing Recommendations from your Friendly Toronto Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Start with a Clear Goal. You don’t just want to bombard your customers. You want to achieve something. Put that in the subject line. The most common goals are to Teach, Entertain, or Inform. Choose one and make it clear and enticing.
  2. Use Pro Tools. If you’re competing with the big ones, use their own tools. Mailchimp, iContact and others will help you streamline your mailing game, make it more efficient. Another great feature of those tools is Analytics. That’s how you know what worked and what could use improvement. We cannot stress this enough. Use it!
  3. Divide and Conquer. Having a sweeping strategy for your entire customer base will fall short of your goal. Address every segment of your target audience in a highly calculated manner. Every email marketing services expert will confirm the necessity of this approach.
  4. Use a Personal Voice. Yes, you can address every one of your clients directly by their names. It’s an automatic function and so easy to use it blows our mind every time we see someone not using it in their email marketing.
  5. Aim for Consistency. The frequency varies and we as a Toronto digital marketing agency would have to examine the market, product and audience to tell you more, but the overall agreement is that there is a minimum of one monthly letter to keep yourself in your client’s’ field of vision, but more than one a week is almost always too much. Whichever it is, however, it is a good idea to make it on the same day every time so people expect and look forward to it.
  6. High Value Content. It goes without saying that spam is a big no no, but it is more than that. Give your customers some Value in every email, not just updates of what’s going on. Some advice, exclusive content, coupons, discounts, or small free downloads work very, very well. Make sure to mention your facebook, twitter or other social pages so they can follow you there.

We hope you found this list useful, and wish you luck and Success! And hey, if you would like to get professional help from a Toronto digital marketing agency, you are welcome to contact us. We’re here for you.

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