Use Twitterfeeder (free) to automate content broadcasting

Used Twitter Adder ($50) to manage your users

Use Social Oomph (free) to automate the following & direct messaging of new users.

Do not ever direct sales message a user after that first one!  Interact – Yes Sell – No.


Use Twitterfeeder (free) to automate content broadcasting

Get a like box on your site – (easy & free)

Engage with others in your area or industry.

Examples of your content creation – videos – the ultimate online consumable

Linked In

Make sure your list of specialties contains the key-phrases you want to be found for

**Localize & focus your personal description (under your name) I can help with this

This should get you started.  There are lots of ways to branch out from here.

Talk to you soon.

2 Responses to “Free Ways To Leverage Social Media For Your Business”

  1. Vocoterra Natural Skincare

    Thanks for the info. What do you think is more important social or seo?

    • In 2012 the lines between are really starting to blur. As it stands in March 2012, measurable social presence is a major ranking factor for SEO. If I had to choose I would go with SEO for most businesses as there is measureable ROI and it’s the best fit for most businesses. That said, if you are in a competetive B2C industry with little resources to invest in SEO then a well planned social program can yield strong results.


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