Creative Marketing Without The Tube


Considering TV or Bube Tube Advertising?


Wondering if devoting a major chunk of your advertising budget to TV advertising is the right play?


It can be.  It depends on your industry, your place within it, your budget and most importantly your client base.  For most businesses it is prohibitively expensive, provides underwhelming results and takes money away from initiatives that could be more beneficial.

While some Television advertising agencies promote their ability to produce inexpensive spots for you, does that really sound like the best way forward?  You know what happens when you buy anything inexpensive.  You get cut corners and less than expected results.

Consider this -

  • The Ratios of TV advertising in the mix of larger companies has changed.  Big companies have recognized the importance of investing well in their online presence.
  • Your Television Advertising  agency is typically getting 15 points on your airtime package.  They are Hitchhiking on your efforts to reach your client base.
  • After you peak the interest of a potential lead, they are still highly likely to go online and ‘Google’ your company as well as your competitors.

It’s not that you shouldn’t consider or include TV Advertising in your marketing mix.  Just consider your ultimate ROI and where Television Advertising fits for your business.

Profitable businesses make smart decisions.  Profitable businesses know their customers are online.  Profitable businesses make sure their online profile is well found, well branded and well reviewed before they invite potential clients to come looking.

What will your potential clients see when they come looking?  Give us a call and we will walk you through it.

Review these simple examples -

If you type in your brand or site name + reviews what do you find.  It should be a positive review or better yet a page on your site.

Do you have complete control of the first page of  Google search results for your brand name(s) – you should.

What are people saying about your company online?  In days gone by companies paid big for focus groups to tell them what was wrong or right about their products & services.  Now you can access and utilize that information very inexpensively to improve your product / service, improve your brand image and better serve your buyers.

Want to find out more about what online marketing or advertising initiatives are available for your business? Give us a call!  We love to talk shop and we have an understanding of the space that other firms can’t match.

From creative development to digital marketing strategy, WordPress development, video production, and social channels, we have the experience and the proven track record to produce dynamic content that inspires, that attracts attention – that sells!   Whether it’s by phone, web or direct to consumer, our campaigns excite the mind and engage customer reaction.

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