Is your website a work of art?  Is it full of information, products or services that people should see?

The internet has proven to be the great equalizer for businesses by leveling the playing field for small to medium size businesses.

We were skeptical at first but the phone calls have continued to increase and when we ask the answer is always the same…they found us online.  Thanks so much.

Melissa – Online Flower Store

In a nutshell we make changes to your website & to the links coming in to your website to help it rank higher in the search engines for your relevant keywords.
The changes we make to your site & the inbound links we generate make your site more relevant for the search terms or keywords your potential customers use to find your product or service. More relevance for your chosen search terms or keywords equates to a higher search engine ranking. And a higher ranking means more searchers will find & click on your search engine listing.
We start by doing a comprehensive analysis of your website. Including a server audit, site audit, inbound link assesment & keyword research.

From there we make any necessary changes to structural aspects of your site. Next we review the ‘right keywords’ your site needs to focus on to drive higher, more convertable traffic to your site. The goal is not just traffic but traffic that converts to a sale or a lead.

Once we have a clear idea of your requirements and your keyword terms we will develop a plan to change your site and incoming links to increase your rankings in the search engines.
Your SEO Process plan may include…..

  • Writing search engine & customer friendly content for your site.
  • Optimizing the ‘on page’ aspects of your site such as unique page titles, good page structure & great readable content.
  • Building a network of relevant, high quality inbound links to show you as an authority in your industry.
  • Developing a local search plan to make sure the directories & listings in your area know your site.
  • Pay Per Click Campaign – which can be a cost effective way to get traffic quickly.
  • Promotion efforts, email marketing, social bookmarking & social network advertising.

We constantly track & measure how your site is gaining momentum in the search engines & generating traffic. The search engines are constantly changing the way they measure your sites relevance & your competitors are constantly changing the strategies they use to stay at the top. Maintaining a high ranking requires a solid SEO Process with ongoing monitoring and Toronto SEO Group is here to help you do that.

Contact us today for a pressure free consultation.  By email, request form or toll free at 1.844.990.6119.

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