Search Engine Optimization Report

Google recently announced it has updated the integration for Google Analytics with the Google Search Console Search Analytics report. As a result, a Search Console report has replaced the Search Engine Optimization report, located under the Acquisitions tab. As a result, users can now see Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console metrics.

In the past, all you were able to see was such information as impressions, average position, and CTR. You can now see conversion metrics and behavior metrics, including a variety of new metrics, such as bounce rates, sessions, page/session, and more. Additionally, new conversion metrics are now available, including e-commerce data. According to Google, these new reports will now display information regarding precisely how organic search traffic is performing. It should be noted that not all Google Analytics features will be available for Search Console data. This includes segmentation. In the past, acquisition data were only shown in the old Search Engine Optimization reports, so this is definitely an improvement.

What Is Included in the Search Console Section, and How to Use That Information

Four sections are included in the Search Console section. They are Countries, Landing Pages, Queries, and Devices. The Queries report only shows acquisition metrics, similar to the old report, while the migrated experience is displayed in the Landing Pages, Devices, and Countries sections.

The insights provided by these new sections allow you to examine organic search data in more detail to uncover distinctive and actionable insights. Google reports that users will be able to take advantage of a number of benefits, including the ability to uncover landing pages that deliver customers to websites from Google organic searches. For instance, users can observe the engagement rate and consider the best way to improving landing pages if the engagement rate proves to be low. When a landing page has a high engagement rate but fails to attract users via Google organic search, users can consider such improvements such as enhancing titles and descriptions. In addition, users can observe search queries that offer good landing page performance. It’s also possible to segment organic performance according to device category.

For users who are looking to gain more in-depth insight into organic search engine traffic with search engine optimization services and be able to take that information and integrate improvements for enhanced performance, the migrated report experience is definitely a benefit.


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