Raven Tools Bows To Google

I trust you had a great Holiday with your family!


There has been a lot of changes pushed through by Google over the last 12 months.  Furry animals were used to describe algorithm updates rolled out by Google that caused havoc for many site owners & marketers.

While the names insinuate something cute and cuddly, these updates are anything but.

The Penguin updates targeted aggressive / spammy link building practices.  The Panda updates targeted what Google deems poor content / spam content.  From early 2012 to now there were more than 500 changes to the way Google values your website.

The ultimate aim for Google is to provide the best results for its users.  And of course selling their ad space along with it.  To this end the Penguin & Panda updates have done an admirable job cleaning up the results pages.

At Toronto SEO Group we have upgraded our content creation tactics and varied our link building methods in lock step with Google’s changing demands.  As our clients you should expect to benefit from the changes Google and the other search engines make to keep their results free of low value sites.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the constantly changing online environment and how it affects your business.

One Google Change That Does Affect You

One change of concern is Google is starting to force larger ranking trackers to stop tracking rankings for client websites if they want access to Google API.

We used an agency level tool provider called Raven Tools to provide your ranking data. Unfortunately they bowed to pressure from Google and stopped providing Ranking data as of January 2nd.

Their change came as a surprise and we had a bit of work to do over the holidays.  Fortunately we were able to move all of your historical ranking data and settings to a new provider.  The look is a little more technical than before, but the results are more accurate and updated daily.

So All Is Well (better)

Your monthly Ranking & Traffic results will continue seamlessly without interruption.

In addition Raven Tools is improving their offering and have released a few valuable new reports that we will start introducing you to over the next few months.

Thanks again for a great 2012 as we look forward to another great year in 2013!

Mike Childs

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