Heigh Ho the dairy-o the cheese stands alone. I am sure we have all heard of the ‘Farmer & the Dell’ right? This children’s song is surprisingly applicable to marketing your business online. Ok, perhaps not, but that one line gives us our starting point. You can invest an excessive amount of money into building your brand online, but if you’re not talking about what you’ve done, it really won’t matter. You need to make some noise to draw attention to what you have created. What exactly do I mean by ‘noise’? Simple, start a conversation, keep it going, and direct it to your product. There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies offering terrific products or services that toil away in anonymity. More times than not it is because the company is not making any noise!

Have you heard this before?

“Any publicity is good publicity”




I’m sure you have, and it holds quite a bit of truth in those 5 words. Now obviously you must take this with a grain of salt; having your company associated with a person who mistreated animals would not be helpful. However, for the most part, if people are talking about your company – it can be spun in such a way to assist in creating awareness for your brand. The trick here is to make sure that you are the one initiating the conversation online, or taking it over once it was started. It is imperative to control the online dialogue related to your business.

Don’t believe me? I can prove it…….

Why do you think that every major corporation has teams running its Twitter & Facebook accounts? It’s quite simple – they know how important it is to control the conversation of their brand. They also realize that they can utilize virtually any dialogue about their business and create some sort of return from it.


Some Tips

  • Listen for, encourage, and initiate online conversation about your brand
  • The most communicative companies always win
  • Create content that are conversation starters
  • Blog about your industry and ask your users’ opinions
  • Utilize current events or humour related to your product

Remember that just talking online opens up so many avenues to assist in digitally marketing your business. No matter how small the dialogue may seem, it could be picked up virally through any number of online sharing portals.

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Heigh HO!


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