Adjust Bids in Adwords

Bid adjustments can help you get more out of your AdWords campaign. A professional SEO services company knows when and how to adjust the bids in order to keep a campaign moving forward. This is important knowledge to have because of how the new bid adjustment option can affect bidding strategy. It is imperative that the best SEO agencies know how to implement these adjustments the correct way so clients can enjoy the benefits.

Although some bid adjustment abilities have already been in existence, how they are used has been changed. This makes them worthy of mention when talking about how and when to adjust bids in AdWords. One thing to remember is that bid adjustments require a great deal of thought.

Bid Adjustment Considerations

Before applying a bid adjustment, look at the ad campaigns for different localities. If ads targeting a specific area are not getting to the people in that area, it can pay to remove those locations from the location list. For example, Florida may not perform nearly as well as California. It may be best to remove Florida from the list.

However, the high conversion costs can be eliminated in Florida by setting a bid adjustment. If you use a percentage like -50%, the bid will be 50% lower, which makes the cost per click lower. It will keep attracting clicks, but the conversion will be at a lower cost.

However, let’s say that a campaign is doing well. The SEO services company may find that a $10 bid at a bid 50% higher would be best. This will make the bid $15. This should be done when it is determined that making this move will make the ad campaign more profitable.

Applying Bid Adjustments

Bid adjustments can be applied to a single ad group or an entire campaign. For this example, a location is being added to the AdWords campaign. Simply add the area in the “edit locations” section and set the bid adjustment for that area. The bid can be increased or decreased at this point.

The top SEO services may also need to adjust bids based on the time of day. This is great for industries that see a lot of clicks during specific hours. The question is how reliant a business is on telephone calls. If no one is in the office during those hours, then not answering customer calls can cause the clicks to hurt the business more than help it. There are decisions to be made wisely.

To adjust the bids accordingly, a professional SEO services company can look at the cost per hour versus the actual conversions taking place. It may be found that there may be times during the day where the bid could be higher. Other times of day may be lowered.

Be Careful

The enhanced campaign is here to stay, but the best SEO agencies need to be careful. Some bid adjustments can affect others. All this means is that care needs to be taken when making multiple bid adjustments. Bidding that gets out of control can be very expensive.


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