Preparing B2B Marketers for Adwords' Changes-2

Google has unleashed two major changes to its AdWords program. They are the ability to bid by device and expanded text ads so more words can be used to convince a person to click an ad. This changes the Google AdWords management game and can alter a marketer’s AdWords strategy a great deal. This isn’t a bad thing, especially since these changes are logical. However, it is best to be prepared so you can handle these changes.

Better Google AdWords Management with a New Interface

It was only a matter of time before Google AdWords evolved. With more people using their mobile phones to search the internet and a need for more text in an ad, Google has only done what is necessary. As a part of the change is a new AdWords interface. The overall look and feel are much better with new graphs that pinpoint the time of day, device used, and location. This data was once hidden behind the “Settings” and “Dimensions” tabs. Now this information is brought to the forefront.

Some elements stay the same, such as the types of campaigns, but how managers set up their campaigns is changing. Managers can specify what they want their “Goals” to be, which includes form submission, calling a business, making a purchase, and visiting the business. By selecting the desired goal, the creation of the ad is streamlined. This can go hand in hand with the extended text ads and the ability to bid by device.

Expanded Text Ads

More text means that the way the ads are written changes. To start, utilizing the longer descriptions is an option. Eventually, all ads will utilize this format. The way to write these expanded text ads is to make description line 1 mesh well with the headline. Existing ads will need to have their text adjusted. Of course, you still want to ensure you use your main keyword, but you shouldn’t obsess about perfection. A lot of your focus is going to go into the ad extensions and the double headlines. You can also make use of the call to action in your description.

Another way to prepare for expanded text ads is to create a template in an Excel file. Ad status, campaign, ad group, headline 1, headline 2, description, URL path (may be more than one column), and final URL (PC or mobile) are some of the needed fields. You may find later that you need more for your specific method of Google AdWords management.

Bid by Device

Through bid by device, you can create mobile campaigns that are a certain percentage mobile and a certain percentage desktop. You can even create campaigns that are all mobile. When creating mobile campaigns, you can target smartphone users or tablet users if you have a compelling reason to do so. Your challenge is going to be in separating your mobile campaigns from your desktop campaigns. If you make sure a successful mobile campaign stays as mobile and desktop stays as desktop, you will be able to keep them separate without any problems.


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