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Some people feel that Google’s AdWords is a waste of time and effort. In reality, it is a highly effective SEO strategy. By working with a team that focuses on AdWords management in Toronto, your campaign will be far more successful. A reputable PPC agency in Toronto knows exactly how to use close variants to dominate AdWords. To ensure the outcome of your campaign meets or exceeds your expectations, it is important to choose the right PPC company in Toronto.

Toronto PPC Management Services and AdWords Management

The concept of AdWords simply involves putting up an ad, getting clicks, and making money. However, navigating the process can be challenging. Fortunately, a qualified PPC agency in Toronto will handle that aspect on your behalf, choosing the type of close variants based on the way that people see your ad campaign in response to different queries.

Three years ago, Google made close variant matching the default for phrase match keywords and exact single keywords in AdWords campaigns. The experts at the PPC company in Toronto that you hire are aware of this. Therefore, they use an exact phrase or keyword matching so that close variants are included in your campaign automatically. Following are two examples of how AdWords can be dominated with close variants.

  • Misspelled Keywords – People search by misspelled keywords and phrases all the time. The goal is to set your ad up with misspelled keywords and phrases that most people would use, especially when a product or brand name is involved. As a result, you will never have to worry about traffic being compromised. You will also find it easier to reach prospects while increasing the opportunity for more conversions.
  • Variations with Grammar – When conducting an online search, many people do not type in the exact keyword form that you use. While your keyword might be plural, searchers could use a singular form of that same keyword. For instance, you might have chosen the phrase “dog collars and leashes” while people search for “dog collar and leash.” Whether a noun or verb, this close variant will help dominate AdWords.

When close variants are included in your ad campaign, things will dramatically change. You will see an increase in your CTRs and ad impressions, and you will notice a growing number of opportunities that might have otherwise been missed.

The Toronto SEO Group is comprised of dedicated professionals who have the experience and expertise required to create a strong AdWords campaign with close variants. To learn about all of the SEO services that we offer, visit our website, or you can call to speak with a company representative regarding your specific needs.

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