What You Need to Know When Working with an Internet Marketing Agency

Are you prepared to take full advantage of social media for your marketing campaign this year? If not, now may be a good time to begin working with an Internet marketing agency to make sure that your social media marketing campaign is ready to go.

When working with an Internet marketing firm, one area with a lot of focus this year is the implementation of live video content. While live video content is not exactly new, it will likely become even bigger in 2017. Facebook Live and Periscope have quickly become two of the most popular live streaming sites. Other popular options include Twitter and Instagram, both having launched live video streaming options recently.

If you plan to incorporate live video streaming into your online marketing strategy this year, give careful consideration to where your audience already spends most its time on social media. When it comes to live content, consider streaming events to audience members who might not otherwise be able to attend. Other options include using live video to stream a series or any Q&A customer service sessions. Both options are great, helping to drive engagement and encouraging your audience to ask questions, as well as submit feedback and comments.

Another area where Internet marketing services can help you to take advantage of social media this year is the use of messaging apps. These tools now extend far beyond Facebook Messenger. Popular around the world, these apps create a perfect opportunity for communicating one-on-one with your customers. Especially today, clear and concise communication is essential to business success.

In fact, these tools have the potential to completely change the landscape of customer service. Not only is it easier for customers to get answers to their questions using messaging apps, it is faster. Most businesses will also find that using messaging apps for customer service is more cost-effective and scalable.

Virtual reality will increasingly play a more important role in online marketing. When working with the best SMO company in Toronto, you will find that virtual reality can help to encourage engagement among your audience by offering a memorable, immersive, and completely unique experience. Given the rising demand for more video content from audiences, it has become more important than ever for brands to experiment with various formats.


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