Well its unlikely that you can compete in this market with very little marketing, but it is possible.  Then again so is winning the lottery.

We service a huge variety of businesses from small mom and pop stores to large national brands and the one common thread is competition.  Each of these businesses come to us because they want an edge getting their product or service found online.  Being found online is key to the success of most businesses.  There are few businesses / industries left that can thrive or even survive without it.

There are a few exceptions though – One exception is Crock A Doodle in Burlington Ontario.

They run a Drop-in Pottery Painting Studio on Walkers Line in Burlington.  Ever since they opened my daughter has been an avid doodler and she just recently had her birthday party there.

Crock A Doodle In Burlington Ontario

They do it right – great service, a fun atmosphere and the kids get to bring home a hand crafted keepsake they made themselves.

Burlington Crock A Doodle

Its a good idea right!  Well thought out, well targeted and niche enough that the competition isn’t fierce.  Throw in a well chosen location, signage and the kind of service that spreads well through word of mouth and you have a local business that can thrive without  the help of internet marketing firms like us.

For now ;)

In the meantime most businesses still need to compete.  There is no shortage of other real estate agents, other lawyers, other recruiting agencies, other weight loss products, other doctors, other dentists etc etc.  You get the idea.  As soon as the market becomes competitive, you need to set yourself apart to ensure you get a decent slice of the market.  The better your position online the better your slice of the market, its that simple.

Consumers look online for products and services, especially local services.   When is the last time you used the Yellow pages to find a business?

According to Google, 73% of all searches are locally based.

If your company doesn’t find itself in the enviable position that Crock A Doodle has, then give us a call.  We love to talk shop and we can tell you what works and what doesn’t online.

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  1. Great post! I pass that place all the time. It looks like your daughter had a great time!


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