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You’ve probably heard a good number of effective search engine optimization tips over the years. But do you know any conversion rate optimization tips? Conversion rate refers to the proportion of visitors that end up on your site that end up taking a specific desired action. This desired action could be something like making a purchase, downloading an eBook, calling your company, or signing up to your mailing list to receive special offers. Conversion rates are important because the higher your conversion rates, the better your bottom line. In order to improve website conversion rates, it is important to have a conversion rate optimization strategy in place. When developing this strategy, be sure to keep these valuable tips and tricks in mind.

Make sure you run A/B tests. One of the most effective ways to improve a website conversion rate is through comprehensive A/B testing. This is without a doubt where some of the most significant conversion gains come from. Basically, split testing involves comparing one version (version A) of a website of a landing page against another version (version B). This allows you to easily see which version converts better. Some variables you will want to test include headline text, CTAs, font size or style, images, color scheme, the amount of information provided on a page, and the number of fields in a form.

Add social proof to your website. No customer is just going to magically trust your website. That’s why social proof can be so helpful. It helps to show that you are a real company that has satisfactorily provided products and services to real customers. Social proof can typically be added to a website in the form of case studies and testimonials.

Take steps to establish your credibility. Like social proof helps to establish trust, social proof can help you to establish your credibility. Research consistently shows that “trust” seals from organizations like the Better Business Bureau or from web security firms like Verisign virtually always boost conversion rates.

Shorten up any forms. The vast majority of users will get frustrated having to fill out forms with endless data input fields—and that frustration will be reflected in your conversion rates. Focus on essentials and cut out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Make sure you clearly display all contact information. A common conversion goal is getting a customer to contact your company, such as placing a phone call or sending an email to get more information. That’s why it is absolutely vital to ensure that all information is displayed correctly—otherwise your customers won’t be able to convert!

Develop compelling headlines and CTAs. Headlines and CTAs are among the most prominent elements of any website and often the first thing a customer will see. All of your headlines and CTAs should be compelling pieces of copy with a clear value proposition. In other words, they should clearly convey the benefits of taking a specific action to the customer. Avoid any kind of unnecessary jargon that is too fancy or too complicated.

Get rid of any distractions. Last but not least, you will want to remove anything from the page that is not directly relevant to the specific action you would like a customer to take. This should include removing or shrinking the menu, getting rid of all sidebars and large headers, and removing unnecessary images. Remember, if your customers are distracted, then they won’t convert!

Ultimately, effective conversion optimization tips are just as important as effective search engine optimization tips in developing a meaningful website that will boost your bottom line and add value to your business. Remember, no matter how good your conversion rate is, you can always improve website conversion rates. Let’s say you already routinely bring 1,000 customers to your site. If you boost your conversion rate by just 5 percent, you’ll gain 50 new customers, which translates into a significant boost in your bottom line. The best thing to do is to consider these tips and take some time to revamp your conversion rate optimization strategy. And if you’re in need of a bit of advice or professional guidance, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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