Inbound Marketing Services

While some people consider email marketing as part of inbound marketing services, others believe it connects to outbound marketing. For example, some experts feel that email marketing is done from an outbound perspective while others believe that when developed correctly, an email campaign is inbound marketing. However, according to a highly respected inbound marketing firm, email marketing is both.

Because there are good arguments from both sides, you should hire a company that specializes in inbound and outbound marketing. An email is a form of communication, something that engages people in a dialogue. For that reason, it is part of both outbound and inbound marketing services. Regardless, it is imperative that you always send valuable and relevant content to subscribers while creating two-way communication.

Email Marketing Benefits

The best way to look at email marketing is that it is an outbound strategy that is part of inbound marketing. No matter your opinion, you can agree that this form of marketing offers numerous benefits.

  • Targeted Buyers – As opposed to buying a list and then creating a generic email, an inbound marketing firm uses methods that are more precise that segment your contact database based on various factors, like growth potential, your relationship, industry, job position, geographical location, and so on. Segmentation allows you to personalize a message that meets certain requirements. By using your email message to answer anticipated questions regarding your product or service, you will begin to experience higher click-through and conversion rates.
  • Personalization – When using email as part of an inbound marketing campaign, you can personalize every email. The goal is to gain as much personal data on prospects as possible so that you can create emails that make them feel valued. You also want them to feel as though you understand what they need and that your product or service can help.
  • Shareable Content – Content received via email has a high share rate. For written content, video, and infographics, emails are extremely efficient. Within a second, a subscriber can click the “forward” link, sending your email to multiple people.
  • Social Media Following – By providing prospects with shareable content, email marketing can help boost your following on social media.

Whether inbound or outbound marketing, our team of experts at the Toronto SEO Group can develop an excellent email marketing campaign for you. For detailed information, call us or visit our website.

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