Key Seo considerations for your next website redesign

Keeping your website modern and up to date is a key component of advertising in today’s world. But a website redesign should never come at the expense of your SEO strategy. To ensure your SEO strategy doesn’t take a hit next time you decide to spruce up your website, be sure to keep these key considerations in mind.

Do your homework. Before you embark on a redesign, you need a thorough understanding of what your target market wants. To get that, you need to undertake market research, keyword research, and community mapping. This will ensure that visuals, content, and functionality all support SEO by helping draw visitors to your site.

Consider structure. Which pages on your site convert the best? How do people most commonly make their way through your website? Do some pages have a high bounce rate? When structuring content, be sure to take all of this into consideration. The better the architecture of your site, the stronger your SEO strategy.

Pay attention to navigation. It should be easy for both human users and search engine spiders alike to navigate your website. It is key that your new URL structure and sitemap allow search engines to see what each page is and index it. Of course, you also need to make sure that your human users can find what they are looking for. To do this, you will want to take an informed, data-driven look at your site structure when you’re redesigning and then optimize it in accordance with your new site’s main goals.

Don’t forget about technical SEO. From page load times to coding to compliance factors, the technical aspects of SEO can have a pretty significant impact on your ranking in SERPs. When it comes to technical SEO, it’s good to have someone with expertise in the matter on your side. It can be a good idea to call in a Toronto professional website design company.

The bottom line? When redesigning your website, you can’t afford not to consider SEO. For assistance implementing these recommendations, get in touch with a website design company in Toronto today.


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