Krzystof or Kris was an impressive SEO intern for us and has become a key member of our team since hired.  I think you know a good hire when you can depend on them on a daily basis to perform.  Kris is more than dependable – he does produce great work every day, seamlessly.  What Kris also brings to the table is a steady understated level of maturity that gives me confidence in his quality of work and my clients confidence in their trust in our agency.  Add to that his tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and his ability to take a client’s ideas and design something amazing and you get a perfect fit.

Kris performs SEO, Paid Search, graphic and web design work for our clients with precision.  His ability to learn new techniques and tools is an ongoing help for us and I couldn’t recommend him more.

Mike Childs

Owner – Toronto SEO Group

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