No More Blog Commenting

As you know, we are always researching new ways to effectively use SEO. The world of SEO is constantly changing and in order to bring you the best SEO possible, we are shifting our plan of action to accommodate these changes.

Effective SEO requires searching for the methods and strategies that will bring our clients the most SEO value for visible results, quickly and sustainably.

With recent changes to Google’s algorithm and ongoing spam issues, blog commenting no longer holds the link building value it once did.

While this strategy used to be an effective one to offer our clients, we are going to move away from this strategy and focus on strengthening our other SEO efforts instead. We would rather provide you with efficient tactics rather than use weak strategies that require more work for less value. Moving away from blog commenting will give us the time and resources to increase your other link building tactics.

Our aim as always is to deliver the best SEO strategies for great  and lasting ranking results.

This will have no effect on the success of your online campaign.  Just a an adjustment to the tools used to do it.

This change will be in place for your February link building as will the increases to our other link building tactics on behalf of your campaigns.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this change or your account in general.

Katelyn Wong

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